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Dear Vendors & Customers,

On November 8, 2012 Lone Star Pet Supply joined forces with Animal Supply Co. This partnership enables Animal Supply and Lone Star Pet Supply to offer its customers and vendors an unmatched level of service, breadth of products and geographic reach. The combined business covers 20 states, represents over 300 pet product manufacturers, and delivers to more than 4,000 pet retail stores.

Dennis Stahl, Chairman and CEO of Lone Star Pet Supply will join Animal Supply's board of directors, and Danny Selman, President of Lone Star Pet Supply will continue as Regional President - Southwest. The two companies will continue to operate as Lone Star Pet Supply and Animal Supply Company in their respective markets.

Animal Supply is one of the nation's leading pet food and supply distributors. Headquartered in Federal Way, Washington, Animal Supply provides weekly service for customers in 14 western states from Bakersfield, California to Barrow, Alaska. Combining over 400,000 square feet of warehouse space and some of the most advanced distribution technology available, the company is able to deliver over 10,000 unique SKUs to nearly 3,000 customers with market leading efficiency and accuracy. Animal Supply operates five strategically located distribution centers in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho and Colorado.

Customers & Vendors will continue to work with the same great people that service you now. There will be no change in your processes with Purchasing, Sales, Accounting and Operations at this time.

Our commitment to our customer and vendor partners is to continue to grow your business, to be your trusted, preferred distributor sharing the commitment to deliver quality products and promotion opportunities to the independent retailer.

We are looking forward to many exciting and rewarding years ahead.

Danny Selman

Regional President - Southwest

email: danny.selman@lonestarpet.com